8th Grade Math – Mr. Semerikov

Please check the Homework Link for updated assignements.

Homework (~30% of Grade):

Homework will be assigned daily and checked at the start of the following day. The homework packet for each week will be collected on Friday. If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to obtain the missed work, and he/she will have the same number of days missed to make up the work.

Late Work: I will accept late work until the Unit Test for that unit. As a result, late work will only be worth 60% of the original value.

Performance Tasks (included in homework grade):
Students will complete performance tasks in order to apply the content to real life scenarios.

Students will be provided with appropriate time in class to complete the projects but may need additional time at home or during lunch if the projects are not completed during the time provided.

Quizzes (~40% of Grade):

Students will have a homework quiz and written response quiz every week, with the format alternating regularly. Homework quizzes (HW Quiz) will have problems exactly the same as select homework problems and will be in the multiple-choice format. Written Response quizzes (WR Quiz) will have 5 problems similar to the homework. On WR quizzes, I grade student on the best 4 out of 5 problems (not counting the lowest one); if a student correctly answers all 5 questions, he/she will receive extra credit. Students can retake quizzes, but are not eligible for extra credit and must completely work out each problem. 

Tests (~20% of Grade):

Students will take a District Benchmark (on iPads) at the end of every Unit. Students are not able to make up these scores, but he lowest grade that will be input for a test score is a 50%.

Participation (~10% of Grade):

Students will have in-class activities on a regular basis. If these are not completed, they may become homework.


In order to participate in the daily lessons, students are expected to have the following supplies every day: pencil, pen, and a supply of lined paper.

Additional Help:

I will be available in my classroom (by appointment) on Thursdays during lunch to provide additional help to students.

Books: Our textbook for this year is a consumable text. If a student looses their book, the replacement cost is the following: One volume: $10.69 Both volumes: $16.05