Norris School District Welcomes Gossamer Grove Familes

0.pngAs we settle into the 2016-2017 school year, Norris would like to welcome our newest district residents from the master planned Gossamer Grove Development in Shafter, CA.  Students in this development will be attending Olive Drive Elementary, Norris Middle School and Shafter High School (in the Kern High School District).  Many Norris families are surprised to know just how far the Norris School District boundaries reach, and our growing potential for robust growth in the coming years.

District Boundaries:
The Norris School District has come a long way since it opened its one room school house in 1880.  Our boundaries now reach from Fruitvale Ave. in the east to just west of Renfro Rd. and from Reina Rd. in the south to just north of Imperial Rd.  As the housing markets slowly begin to recover, we have the potential of 4000+ additional residential units within the Norris School District boundaries in the next seven years .
Your Tax Dollars At Work:  
No matter what city or what neighborhood you live in, one thing is for certain, you pay property taxes.  Property tax bills can sometimes be a mystery to know just what each line item means and what it is for.  In general, residents pay for the city or county services they receive as well as the taxes for their school district of residence.  If you live in the Norris School District you will notice several line items that are labeled Norris that cover the various bond measures and special tax assessments that have passed over the years.  These dollars are one of two major sources of funding for the school district.  The other source comes from the state of California through Proposition 98 funding.  The local property tax dollars that we receive from all residents who live within our attendance boundaries help our school district build new schools, maintain our current facilities, maintain high quality educational programs, and provide valuable professional development for a staff that is dedicated to helping your children learn and grow. The Norris School District has recently completed a  modernization of Norris Middle School.  As this major renovation comes to an end, we are in the planning stages to modernize Olive Drive Elementary and are beginning the design phase of Elementary School #5.  In addition to all of the construction projects, our teachers have been busy forming Impact Teams to refine our teacher collaboration in order to focus on common data to identify ways to increase student learning in literacy and math.  We know that every decision we make and every dollar we spend has a direct impact on our students.  Our success could not be possible without the strong support we receive from the Norris families in our district neighborhoods.   Should you have any further questions about your property tax bill, you can contact the Kern County Tax Assessor's Office at 868-3490 or visit their website at